Would you like to have your work featured in a publication circulating within Cornell and beyond?

If so, submit your works to ASSOCIATION, a student-run organization that annually showcases a collection of works produced by the students, faculty, and alumni of AAP. 

We are open to all kinds of themes and works within AAP - both visual and, beginning this year, written. Projects may be independent or collaborative, academic or personal, grant-funded, etc. 


  • Your own work completes between AUG 2016 - DEC 2017


Written Submissions:

  • 1 .doc file with: 
    • Your name, net ID, department, year of graduation
    • Text title
    • Date Completed
    • Text between 1 - 600 or 900 - 1000 words. May include excerpts from essays and research papers, responses to exhibitions and lectures, blog entries, commentaries, poetry, etc.
  • 1 or more of your own high-quality images relating to your project (.jpg or .png, each smaller than 3MB)


Visual Submissions: 

  • 5 high-quality images of your project (.jpg or .png, each smaller than 3MB)
  • 1 .doc file with:
    • Your namenet ID, department, year of graduation
    • Project title
    • Medium
    • Date Completed
    • 200 word max description of project




Attach in an email titled "Submission10_LastName_FirstName" to

Deadline:     January 31, 2018    11:59PM      (extended)



  • Your work may be featured on social media, online publishing platforms, etc. 
  • All images and text must be your own work. 
  • Questions? Contact us at