ASSOCIATION is a student-run publication featuring the work of students, faculty, and alumni across the disciplines of Architecture, Art, and Planning, with particular interest in cross-disciplinary projects that demonstrate the connections and overlaps between these fields. After successfully launching seven publications in the last ten years, ASSOCIATION is now preparing its eighth volume, which will maintain the intent of promoting a dialogue among the various departments of the Cornell AAP community and the university at large. 


For any questions, press inquiries, or other please email ASSOCIATION at aapassociation@gmail.com.



Alejandro Garcia

Alisa Tiong

Ami Kurosaki

Ami Mehta

Chi Yamakawa

Curtis Ho

Daisy Dai

Eric Lee

Grace Cheng

Jacob Tayor Soley

Jane Jackson

Jing Wang

Jingxin Yang

Kate Chen

Lauren Park

Ming Yu Yang

Sahir Choudhary

Wendolin "Wendi" Gonzalez

Yueer Niu


Demi Chang

Dominika Michalska

Eda "Begum" Birol

Elias Bennett

Geena Kribs

Georgine Botha

Gordon Yoo

Ihwa Choi

Josue Perez Campos

Matej Djabal

Nicole Bansal

Olivia Haynie

Oonagh Davis

Shruti Shah

Sydney Harmon

Xiaohang "Gloria" Yan

Ye Chan "Daniel" Park

Yue "Lancer" Gu

Yuheng "Amber" Zhu

Ziqing "Becky" Xu